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Construction Intervention

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In the world of construction, renovation projects sometimes sit for weeks, months, even years. General contractors and construction crews can be extremely slow moving, leaving worksites in shambles with no end in sight. Whether it’s a small business, athletic facility or restaurant that suffers, the property owners are stuck living in a construction disaster that destroys their lives and their business. Well no more. For victims of ruined renovation projects, it’s time to call the construction industry’s equivalent of 911… Meet Charlie “The Bulldog” Frattini: the Gordon Ramsay of Construction. Charlie’s as tough as they come. An aggressive, strong-armed New York construction veteran with a zeal for perfection and a long resume of multi-million dollar projects, Charlie has spent the last twenty years of his life raising hell in the world of construction and becoming one of the most recognized leaders in his field. He knows the ins and outs of every building he’s ever worked on and has gathered a loyal crew of fellow blue-collar workers along the way who work by his side through thick and thin. From plumbers to carpenters to electricians, his crew is best in breed when it comes to tough-as-nails construction teams.