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Dangerous Flights

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Dangerous Flights is an action adventure series on the edge of aviation's final frontier, starring the daring mavericks who risk their lives in the high-danger, high-stress business of aircraft delivery. From high-altitude adventures, to pressure-cooker human conflicts, these are the true stories of six American fliers, including the aviation broker Cory, and his friend Captain Randy, as they hustle multi-million dollar private aircraft over jungles, deserts and oceans, through war zones and across the frozen arctic. Every episode flies directly into new and dangerous territory - a wild west of the skies where even the smallest mistake can exact the ultimate price. From volatile weather systems, passenger cabins stuffed with jerry-rigged fuel tanks, and non-stop fireworks between pilots and co-pilots, high-strung mechanics, over-demanding customers, and a steady stream of stratospheric scrapes and escapes, Dangerous Flights is edge-of-your-seat entertainment.