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Deadliest Catch 10

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Join the crews of the Northwestern, Seabrooke, Time Bandit, Wizard, Kodiak and Ramblin' Rose as they return to the perilous, icy waters of the Bering Sea in the brand new series of ‘Deadliest Catch'. Continuing their hunt for highly prized crab, these extreme fishermen endure boat killing storms and body crushing working conditions in order to bring home their valuable haul. This season, a government shutdown shortens the season and starts off a chain reaction that forces the fleet to fish harder and faster to make the market deadline. Plus, Captain Bill Wichrowski struggles to keep his greenhorn on deck and his crew in check. And finally, Jonathan Hillstrand on the Time Bandit is forced to enter an uneasy alliance with Sig Hansen on the Northwestern. But can they beat the atrocious arctic weather and reap the rewards or will they struggle to keep their businesses and boats afloat?