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Deadliest Catch 5

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The seas are rougher, the stakes are higher and the intensity has never been stronger. ‘Deadliest Catch’ returns for a fifth series as a part of Discovery’s ‘Everyday Heroes’ season. At Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, Phil Harris and Keith Colburn are all back for another season of crab fishing, but storms personal, natural and financial are brewing. While Keith escapes a close call with cancer, Phil finds himself in limbo, not sure if he will be allowed to fish this year. ‘Deadliest Catch 5’ lives up to its name, as the tragedy of the Katmai unfolds sending ripples through the fishing community of Dutch Harbour. Seven fishermen lost their lives in the icy Bering Sea and only Discovery cameras were there to be a part of the Coast Guard’s search and rescue. Surviving Katmai crew members, including the captain, open up about their harrowing days adrift on the open sea and the bonds with their fallen brothers.