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Deadliest Catch 7

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In the far northern reaches of the planet, a rare breed of extreme fishermen hunt the Bering sea. Adventure is their call, crab is their prey, and one hundred million dollars is their reward. Discovery Channel is proud to announce another season of ‘Deadliest Catch' as all the captains return to do what they do best: fish for crab. The 2010 King crab season begins with an infusion of fresh blood into the crab fleet. Challenging the veteran skippers are 36-year-old Scott Campbell Jr. who helms the Seabrooke, and 28-year-old first-time captain, Elliot Neese, on the Ramblin' Rose. How the crews fare with the new additions to each team will be revealed in time. In the end, they will all come to realise that the most violent storms come from within.