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Delta Divers

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Set in the vast offshore oil and gas infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico, home to more than 6,000 gas and oil platforms and 35,000 miles of pipeline, ‘Delta Divers' explores what it's like to live and work in this remote and rarely seen world. This high-risk, highly-paid job is suited to those who like a challenge - and these part-astronaut, part-roughneck divers fearlessly work in the forbidding depths hundreds of feet beneath the ocean's surface. Although much of the job involves regulation blue collar work‚ welding, pouring concrete, rigging, hydraulics‚ it is performed alone‚ with only an umbilical air supply connecting them to world above. Living for months on end in cramped offshore quarters, each diving team considers itself a family, and bonds remain strong when divers are regularly putting their lives in the hands of their co-workers. But tensions bubble beneath the surface as divers compete to secure the best dives, and supervisors struggle to keep the operation running smoothly; a momentary lapse of attention or a simple mistake could result in tragedy.