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Dirty Jobs 4

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Join Discovery for the extreme and outrageous fourth series of 'Dirty Jobs.' Host and apprentice, Mike Rowe continues to scour the US to take an unflinching look at the unsung American worker, and the unusual but vital jobs that must be done.   There's a lot to learn as Mike introduces us to an elite assortment of men and women who make their living doing the most unthinkable jobs. In each episode you will learn first-hand exactly what it takes to undertake these outrageous occupations. This series follows Mike Rowe as he heads to Meridian, California to find out what it takes to harvest walnuts. Then he spends some time in Tulelake where he learns how to make goose down pillows and comforters, even collecting spiders from the desert to milk them for their venom in Arizona and many, many more weird and wonderful occupations.