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Dirty Jobs 7

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He's left no dirt unturned Stateside; now Mike Rowe heads to Australia in search of the world's dirtiest jobs in brand new series 'Dirty Jobs 7'. Taking an unflinching look at the most vile but vital vocations the country has to offer, Mike experiences first hand exactly what it takes to perform these outrageous occupations and meets the hardworking groups of men and women who overcome fear, danger and foul smells to accomplish their daily tasks. Beginning his new adventure in South Australia, Mike attempts to catch and remove venomous Brown Snakes from people's homes using a pillow case cover, a few makeshift tools and his bare hands. He then travels deep into the Australian Outback in the hopes of striking it rich with a group of crusty opal miners. Battling extreme temperatures and a fly infestation that threatens to bring production to a halt, how will Mike cope with this dirty and dangerous work?