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Don't Drive Here

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Host Andrew Younghusband discovers the perils of driving in cities that have the worst traffic in the world. Season one takes us to Delhi, Mexico City, Bangkok, Lima, Manila and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Each one-hour episode features Andrew learning from the locals - taxi drivers, truckers, driving officials and regular folks - who show him how to navigate and survive in their unique traffic chaos. In cities where most of us would hop on a tour bus, Andrew bravely jumps into the driver's seat. From picking up taxi fares, to making deliveries, to navigating one of the narrowest markets in Asia, this is a high-octane journey into the heart of each city. Andrew meets a local traffic expert to find out why driving in each city is so perilous in the first place and takes the local driving test to see how regular folks get a license. The final act has Andrew competing in a driving challenge, taking what he's learned from the streets and competing against a local professional.