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Naked & Marooned With Ed Stafford

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Former British Army Captain, Ed Stafford was the first person ever to walk the length of the Amazon, but surviving completely alone on a desert island is his biggest adventure yet. Washed up naked and alone on a remote Fijian island with only his brain, bare hands, and a camera to keep him alive, Ed embarks on one of the most extreme survival challenges ever attempted on television. In fierce tropical heat he has only hours to find water before dehydration ends his attempt before it’s started. Using self-shoot cameras, Ed documents his journey on the island as he learns to find food and water, light fires, build a shelter and avoid danger. With no survival tools, rations or clothes to keep him going, or a film crew to keep him company, Ed must quickly establish his priorities and put his years of survival training into action in order to make it through the next 60 days. Does Ed have the skills, resilience and determination to master the islands resources and build a sustainable life on this remote outpost?