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Everest: Beyond the Limit 2

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In 2006, Discovery Channel documented one expedition group's Mount Everest summit attempt from start to finish, capturing the amazing journeys of people striving to reach the highest of all goals, it was the toughest challenge of their lives. In 2007, team leader Russel Brice did it all over again, this time taking some new faces with him, including Katsusuke Yanagisawa of Japan, who at 71 years old dreams of becoming the oldest man to ever summit Everest. Returning for their second attemps are asthmatic Iron-man competitor Mogens Jensen from Denmark and Hollywood motorcycle enthusiast Tim Medvetz. Both are more determind than ever to reach the top. This remarkable series gives you an inside look at extreme adventurers facing real health risks such as, cerebral edema, hypothermia and hallucinations. You will be able to watch as these climbers deal with their own physical and mental struggles - just to have one breathtaking moment at the top.