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Extreme Car Hoarders

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Chuck Palumbo is an ex wrestler looking for a new career. Rick Dore is a renowned kustom car guru in search of a source of vintage automobiles. Together, they form SLAM- a body shop dedicated to mining the last frontier of American classic cars- car hoards. They embark on a hunt for neglected classics- from Corvettes to Camaros- through the backyards and private lots of hoarders. Chuck and Rick offer up a golden opportunity: they'll tow away the rusting fleet, sell what they can, and use the money to turn one of the cars into a show-worthy vehicle. SLAM gets to keep any leftover profits while the hoarder gets a kick ass ride, and a much needed fresh start. It's the deal of a lifetime, but Chuck and Rick quickly learn that striking a deal means helping the hoarder confront their obsession and the personal struggles that fuel it. From building cars to rebuilding lives, transforming cars is a challenge that puts Chuck and Rick's business, reputations and sanity on the line every time.