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Extreme Engineering 3

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EXTREME ENGINEERING unveils some of the most ambitious architectural plans of our times – some are theoretical and others are already in the works.  But all of these modern marvels pose challenges that stretch the definition of what's possible. Watch Extreme Engineering 3 as jaw-dropping computer animation and first-hand accounts from builders, designers and engineers breathe life into the most extreme construction projects ever conceived.  
Blending on-location footage with cutting-edge computer generated imagery, EXTREME ENGINEERING brings these projects to life by showing viewers the construction progress, as well as how they might ultimately take shape.  Taking viewers to locations Malaysia, Russia, and across America, episodes of EXTREME ENGINEERING showcase the feats of boundless imagination and inventiveness.
How will a six-mile long, 20-foot high storm drain protect Malaysia’s capital city from devastating floods?  What do architects in Arizona, USA have planned in order to reinvent the football stadium?  Will a 300-mile pipeline help Russia reclaim one of the world’s largest untapped oil and gas fields?  And what does it feel like to build the largest aircraft carrier on earth?  Each of the six episodes of EXTREME ENGINEERING puts viewers right inside the construction zones and inside the minds of today’s most daring and innovative architects.