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Extreme Engineering

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Engineering projects around the globe keep getting bigger and more ambitious. Today, there are structures being designed and built that will dwarf anything that has come before. Plans are on the drawing board for projects so huge – not only in scale, but in their implications for society – they’re almost beyond imagination. This September, Discovery Channel presents a new ten-part series that eyes the largest construction projects ever imagined – 'Extreme Engineering'. This Sunday stunt will show three episodes from the series: 'Tunnelling under the Alps', 'Holland’s Barrier to the Sea' and 'Bridging the Bering Strait'. The programme about the Netherlands focuses on two Dutch engineering wonders of the world: the Delta Works in Zeeland and the Maeslantkering, the giant storm surge barrier that protects the port of Rotterdam – the largest robot in the world. The series continues throughout October with episodes including 'Widening the Panama Canal' and 'Building Hong Kong’s Airport'.