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Falklands Hero: Bravo November

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Discovery Channel joins forces with motoring favourite Mike Brewer for a special two-part documentary,Falklands Hero: Bravo November. The documentary offers a fascinating insight into the Chinook helicopter, one of the RAF's most revered aircrafts, starting with the incredible story of one particular machine, Bravo November. It also explores the wider role of the Chinook in modern day British military service, charting its evolution over the last 30 years.

Mike's personal journey with Bravo November started with his own near-miss experience, when he dramatically came under fire whilst flying with a British Forces medical crew on a rescue mission in Afghanistan. He survived the attack thanks to the tenacity of Bravo November's heroic pilot Ian Fortune, whose bravery during the war earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross. Back at base after the incident, Mike learned that the helicopter he had been travelling in was the very same aircraft that escaped the burning decks of the Atlantic Conveyor during the Falklands War and he felt compelled to explore the fascinating history of the aircraft that carried him to safety.

The journey starts 30 years ago, as Mike revisits some of the incredible stories of the crew involved with Bravo November, including former young pilot John Kennedy, who recounts his vital mission during the Falklands conflict; Tom Kinsella, the engineer charged with maintaining Bravo November with virtually no tools or spare parts, who reveals remarkable Super-8 footage of his journey and time on the Falklands, including rare footage of Bravo November in action; and Andy Lawless who gives his account of Bravo November's role in the retaking of the Falklands, including the delivery of SAS troops and artillery to a mountain-top firing position which led to it crashing into the sea. Their eye-witness accounts, and in Tom's case remarkable footage, give incredible depth to the epic Bravo November story which has seen it survive all the major conflicts of the last 30 years.

The series also explores the wider story of the Chinook helicopter. Working with pilots currently serving in the RAF, Mike investigates the role of the Chinook in modern warfare and how it has been upgraded and developed over the years to ensure it remains at the forefront of battle.