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Fantomworks 2

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Dan Short is an automotive force of nature.  He does whatever it takes to restore cars to the highest possible standard; and he doesn’t care who he has to steamroll, charm or sandblast along the way.  Dan tells it like it is, because he knows that each car is a powder keg of hidden surprises and problems to be solved. The only way that a restoration will succeed is if the owner is as committed to the restoration as Dan and his team.  So while Dan and his team battle to bring the car back to life- they also have to manage the owner and make sure that this is more than just a car to them. First up this time around, the team tackle a 1983 Avanti with $58,000 worth of mismatched parts and a 3100 Chevy Pick-up with rope holding the doors shut. Then, a 1977 Corvette Stingray arrives with seven layers of paint and too many problems to count and a 1965 Cobra is brought in for a simple wiring job, but the owner decides to wrap the car like a fighter jet and add machine guns.