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Final Offer

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In exciting new series ‘Final Offer’, four of America's smartest, shrewdest and most successful dealers battle it out to bid and buy some of the nation's most desired items. This isn't a typical bidding war: these dealers are shelling out their own big bucks for high ticket items that demand the necessary expertise to strike a good deal. Experts in a range of collector’s specialities from historical artefacts to popular culture icons, the buyers immediately know the value of these prized items as soon as they are revealed. The sellers then get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to haggle with the buyers to get the best possible price for their rare and eclectic possessions. When an offer has been made the sellers are left with a choice: to part with their treasure for the amount on the table, or hold out for a better deal. However, once they have passed on a bid, there is no turning back. With items ranging from a king's solid gold sword handle, to a rare African insect collection, to Kurt Cobain’s guitar, will the buyers walk away with a brilliant offer or lose out on the deal of a lifetime?