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Flintoff & Dallaglio's Big Ride

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Join international sports stars Lawrence Dallaglio and Freddie Flintoff as they push themselves to the limit on a gruelling bike ride from Greece to London in extraordinary two-part special Flintoff & Dallaglio's Big Ride. Follow the sportsmen as they cycle 3,000km from Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games in Greece, travel the length of Italy, across the Alps, and through the Champagne region. There they take part in the legendary one day Paris-Roubaix ride before finally reaching Stratford, East London, the venue of the 2012 Olympic Games. To make life more difficult, they compete against each other in a number of extreme challenges along the way, from racing up killer mountains to abseiling down freezing waterfalls. As they ride through some of the most spectacular scenery in Europe, Lawrence and Freddie are joined by members of the public and celebrity cyclists, including James Cracknell, Lee Dixon and Graeme LeSaux, who accompany them on their arduous mission and take part in team contests. Follow this heroic duo as they power through 140km every day, navigate across tough terrain and tackle intense 4000 foot climbs on the ride of their lives. How will they fare? Who will win the most challenges? And who will raise the most money for charity on this ultimate cycling adventure?