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Game Of Pawns

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Branson Missouri is the home of Branson Pawn - owned by life-long friends Scott and Brian. Besides the day to day routine of running a business, these two boys manage to make a game out of just about everything. What sets owner Scott Velvet and manager Brian Roman apart from other pawn shops around the country, is the unique way they do business- if they can't close the deal, they give customers the chance earn their asking price. If someone is confident their item is worth a higher price than what is being offered for it, they give folks the opportunity to walk away with as much cash as possible by competing in a specialized trivia game against the pawn shop's staff. The pawn shop personnel not only buy and sell jewellery, electronics, and furs - they've also been known to take in cars, animals, antiques, currency, appliances, memorabilia, musical instruments and everything in between.