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Gold Divers 3: Under the Ice

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Instead of boats and issues of choppy seas, this series follows dredges housed in temporary shelters set up over ice holes. In the first episode, five crews take to the ice. Zeke's new well-oiled crew is on the gold, so they shut out late-arrival Emily. She joins her "gung-ho" dad, Steve, who after a single unproductive dive, boasts and wagers Vernon. Verno, drops a diver on day one, Nome's angriest dredger, Scott, returns with a new dredge and attitude. In the following episode, Zeke gambles on a new dredger with game-changing technology, but will his crew still be on the gold? After their first session of diving locates no paydirt, Emily chafes under her dad's laidback management style and challenges his captaincy. She also tangles with Shawn, who is finally in the money, trying to buy a key piece of equipment out from under him. Meanwhile, Vernon's team questions his methods.