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Gold Divers Under the Ice

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Nome, Alaska is in the grip of winter, the Bering Sea covered by a thick slab of ice. The boats that hunted gold all summer long are locked away and their dredgers have fled to warmer climates. But not all men run when the temperatures drop below zero. For the daring few whose gold fever knows no limits, the ice is only one more obstacle in their way to the riches that lie below the most dangerous ocean in the world. In the brand new ‘Gold Divers: Under The Ice' follow three hardy teams of miners as they continue on their quest to collect as much gold as possible from the freezing depths of the sea floor. How will the inexperienced ice divers of The Clark manage on their first winter mission? Will the smallest and scrappiest of the dive teams, The Lazy Gators, hit pay dirt? Can the captain of the Shamrock, Shawn Pomrenke, prove to his father that he is ready and able to take over the family dredging business? And can he convince a member of his crew, who almost drowned on his last dive, to face his fears once again?