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Gold Divers

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Nome, Alaska. Every summer, as the glacial ice melts around this frozen and isolated port, a handful of fortune seekers hunt for gold in the most unlikely of places: the bottom of the Bering Sea. In Discovery Channel's newest series, ‘Gold Divers' follow the eccentric characters who spend hours on the rocky, frigid ocean floor, hunting gold from custom built, sometimes barely seaworthy rigs. From the desperate to the diabolical, the Nome gold fleet takes on all comers, and the brutal Bering Sea does the rest. From a family who owns and operates an 25 metre barge, to an Alaskan social worker who sinks his life savings into a lifelong dream of being a gold miner; from the only female dredger in Nome, to a captain who needs to pay his debts to stay out of jail, these rugged treasure hunters put it all on the line to scour the sea floor for sparkling, precious metal. With gold's price at an all-time high, who will go home rich and who will be forced to admit defeat?