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Gold Rush 3

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Join the Hoffman crew as they return to the frozen wilds of Alaska to continue their desperate search for gold in the brand new third series of ‘Gold Rush'. For two years these rookie miners have endured equipment breakdowns, infighting and battles with Mother Nature in their quest to strike it rich and change their lives forever. Determined to find ten times more gold than last season, the ambitious pair have doubled the size of their Klondike operation, using twice the equipment and twice the man power to mine two plots of gold rich ground. Will they succeed or will the pressure to reach their goal drive a wedge between the teams? Meanwhile at Porcupine Creek, the Dakota boys continue their hunt for the millions in gold they are sure sits at the bottom of their glory hole. But can they overcome the effects of the worst winter in fifty years to obtain their prize? Plus, after a poor season last year, 18-year-old Parker Schnabel is out to prove to his grandfather, John, that he's got what it takes to be a real Alaskan gold miner. Putting his faith in a new crew, new land and a newly rebuilt wash plant, can he hit pay dirt and turn a profit?