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Off The Hook: Extreme Catches

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Avid outdoorsman and professional wrestler Showtime Eric Young hits the road and crisscrosses the country to fish hand to hand with America's most extreme anglers. ‘Off The Hook: Extreme Catches’ follows Young as he tracks down some of the most creative, unusual and dangerous fishing rituals around the country. Join Eric as he hunts for massive bass from a speeding kayak in Texas' whitewater rapids, then moves on to Florida, where anglers capture 300-pound sharks MacGyver style using only a pair of women's pantyhose. Young is on a mission to learn the methods of America's fishing masterminds while embracing the madness of these local traditions, which have been practiced for years. And no matter how long it takes and how many bumps and bruises he gets along the way, Young keeps the adventure going until he catches the ultimate fish.