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How To Command a Nuclear Submarine

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In this action-packed documentary series, ‘How to Command a Nuclear Submarine' viewers are taken inside the World's toughest officer cut down experience, the Royal Navy's ‘Perisher'. It's the oldest, most prestigious and most brutal Naval experience on the planet. This year five of the UK and USA's finest young officers have put their careers on the line to take part. These high flyers are risking all to win the right to command a nuclear submarine. For four weeks they face 18 gruelling hours a day of tests, drills and full force warfare as 30 NATO ships, dozens of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft and troops of special forces, are lined up to fight both with and against them. The recruits will be pushed to breaking point, as they are put through every form of submarine operation and every possible worst case scenario imaginable. Find out who will make it through and who will crack under the pressure in the ultimate series that immerses the audience deep inside the fascinating, world of modern submariners and their amazing £200 million machines.