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Human Nature

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Award-winning evolutionary biologist Dan Riskin attempts to understand the mysteries of the mind that make us human in brand new series ‘Human Nature'. Travelling around the globe, Dan takes a detailed look at different aspects of the human psyche, from our relationship to fear, to the significance, power and potential of memory. In the first episode, Dan embarks on a journey through the science of immortality to discover whether or not it will ever be possible to cheat death. His journey begins in iconic Times Square where he poses the question: What if you never had to die? Taking part in a series of tests to find out not just what is likely to kill him but when, Dan finds out how medical advances, research into cures for aging and the development of cybernetics and cryogenics are redefining death. The series also takes a fascinating look at the science of killing. Are homo sapiens natural born killers? To what extent can we blame bad brains or bad genes for our actions? Meeting a variety of characters, including serial killer Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. Dan investigates what drives people to murder.