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Ice Cold Gold 2

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The first season of 'Ice Cold Gold' was but a glimpse of Greenland's power and potential. This season, the threats and rewards are multiplied. Nothing about Greenland is implied; a new world is about to be defined. In the ruby-packed second season, our spirited team of American miners returns to the most remote mining location on the planet with its eyes on a prize. With possibly the world's largest ruby in the Arctic glinting within reach, Sixty Degree Resources stretches the logistical challenge of returning to its deposit to life-threatening, thin extremes. In Greenland, some of the rules remain the same. The window to the mining season is tight, and with no roads within thousands of miles, Sixty Degree Resources must travel to the most remote mining region in the world by boat and helicopter to reach its deposit. Then, the team must sling in thousands of pounds of heavy-duty mining equipment to get the job done.