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Ice Cold Miners

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Eight American miners rush to penetrate Greenland's ice sheet to prospect for gold and precious gems. They only have two months to explore this new mining frontier before winter returns, and the ice cap thickens. The melting Arctic ice awakens the beast that is Greenland, and these miners must face its harsh, unpredictable climate and band together as a team, venturing where humans never have set foot before. Greenland is the world's largest island, but most of the land of this sleeping giant has been undisturbed during a 400,000 to 800,000-year-old icy reign. In the past decade, global warming has forced Greenland from its mysterious, cold isolation. Recognizing the island nation for its untapped, treasure trove of mineral wealth, the miners seek their fortunes there. The series was shot in the capital city of Nuuk, and the remote area known as Storø, within the largest fjord system in the world. It's the largest television production ever filmed in Greenland.