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Ice Pilots

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Yellowknife, in Northern Canada, is the gateway to an isolated part of the world, and so the airport must stay open in all weathers. But for a large part of the year, the region sees massive snowfalls and extreme temperatures that can drop as low as -60ºC. It's in these challenging conditions that Buffalo Joe McBryan and his team of pilots operate. And they don't do themselves any favours, by using planes that most airlines would have scrapped decades ago - most of Buffalo Airways' planes date back to WWII. ‘Ice Pilots' follows these courageous flyers as they battle through the cold weather to keep the isolated Canadian communities supplied. And in their biggest job to date, the crew have to try and deliver a number of Canadair Waterbombers to new owners in Turkey. But there is one problem. These planes shouldn't fly in winter or over large bodies of water. Can they make it all the way across the Atlantic in the middle of a harsh, long northern winter?