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Inside the Gangsters' Code

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Ex-Mafia insider Lou Ferrente reveals the untold secrets of the world's hidden leaders: gangsters - whose international reach and power has grown to epic levels, in compelling new series ‘Inside The Gangsters' Code'. Having served almost 10 years in maximum security prisons across the USA, Lou uses his insider knowledge to dig deep into the epicentre of gang culture and organised crime, exploring their control on the world's most dangerous streets and inside the worlds' most notorious prisons. From El Savador and the Philippines to Italy and Poland, Lou sets out to investigate the origins of these prison gangs, delving into their history, networks of command, motivations and political sway in forensic detail, and with an insight and passion than ever before applied to the subject. Fully immersing himself in the culture of each gang, both inside and outside prison, Lou lives alongside prisoners, talks to guards and gets under the skin of gang members, before coming face to face with the top soldiers and gang bosses who reign over these dangerous and powerful organisations. Will Lou's experience help him, or is he in way over his head?