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Into the Unknown With Josh Bernstein

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It is a thrill ride filled with adventure and mystery, ancient riddles and modern day issues as international explorer Josh Bernstein journeys on an epic quest in INTO THE UNKNOWN WITH JOSH BERNSTEIN.

Global traveller, explorer, and educator from the U.S., Josh Bernstein has a voracious appetite for knowledge and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to explore the world’s hidden treasures, mysteries and natural wonders.  

This documentary follows Josh on a thrilling journey across oceans, continents and time zones exploring the truth about the world’s most fascinating stories in eight gripping episodes.  From uncovering secret mummification rituals in the jungles of Papua New Guinea to exploring the ancient wealth and wonder of Timbuktu; from investigating a radical theory regarding elephant attacks in East Africa to revealing the true lifestyle and status of gladiators in the Roman Empire, no location is too remote, no culture too exotic, no goal too ambitious.

“If there ever was a host that embodied the Discovery brand, it’s Josh,” said Discovery Networks International Chief Operating Officer, Sahar Elhabashi.  “He has that same insatiable curiosity and zest for knowledge that our viewers share.  The series is a complete 360 degree immersion of adventure and surprise.”

In the US, Josh Bernstein is best known for his three previous hit seasons of Digging for the Truth on The History Channel. This brand new series explores a broader range of issues such as space exploration, geology, ecology as well as archaeology.