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Iron Chef

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‘Iron Chef' is a cult cookery competition originating from Japan where each day a team of four challengers enter the legendary Kitchen Stadium, the culinary battle ground presided over by ‘The Chairman'. It is here that The Chairman has gathered four of the UK's most notable chefs, Martin Blunos, Judy Joo, Sanjay Dwivedi and Tom Aikens and challenged mere mortals to come and cook against them. Every day a team of intrepid challengers take on one resident Iron Chef, cooking dishes based on a ‘special ingredient' of The Chairman's choosing. All the dishes are judged by a panel of expert food critics and at the end of the programme either the team or the Iron Chef are declared the winner. At the end of the week the strongest Challenger of the team takes on an Iron Chef alone in a head to head cook-off. The Chairman introduces more unusual and challenging special ingredients and such is his faith in his Iron Chefs, there is a £1000 prize for the challenger who can overthrow one.