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Armed and able. Rugged and rowdy. Join a tight-knit band of free-spirited frontiersmen as they make their livings on Kodiak Island, one of Earth's most deadly settings where marauding bears and Mother Nature send a steady stream of risks and rewards their way. These outrageous characters battle through it all to live life on their own terms – and bring the wonders of their chosen home alive for their revolving door of hunting and fishing clients. They brawl through brutal weather, treacherous tides, ice, snow, and the ominous omnipresence of Ursus Arctos Middendorffi – the Kodiak Brown Bear – fearless 1,500-pound behemoths that rule the island with gaping maws, slashing claws the fearless bearing of acme predators. It's island life in the extreme as our ensemble of eccentrics pursue their passions–and face down their demons–on the edge of civilization.