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Titanic's Last Mysteries with James Cameron

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In ‘Titanic's Last Mysteries With James Cameron' follow the Academy Award winning director as he leads his team of underwater explorers on a series of historic dives to film and document the innermost spaces of the world's most famous shipwreck. The majestic Titanic has been an object of fascination and study for decades, but many tantalizing questions still remain about the ship and its catastrophic sinking. This expedition, Cameron's final and most comprehensive dive yet, attempts to uncover clues and solve some of the Titanic's most haunting mysteries. Utilizing newly developed technology, Cameron and his team will create unparalleled images of the ship's interior, including the Turkish Baths, the crew quarters, the first class cabins, as well as some areas not seen since Titanic's lone voyage in 1912. With time and the harsh conditions of the ocean floor taking their toll on the ship, these may be the last images ever gathered of the Titanic before it is surrendered to the deep forever. Join Cameron and his team on this poignant exploration of the dramatic new territories within this unfortunate vessel.Last Mysteries Of The Titanic