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For The Love of Cars

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Phil Glenister and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead are on a mission to find and restore six unsung but heroic British cars. These cars are everyday classics. They're the cars our dads drove, cars that we loved as kids, cars that make us smile. They might not be super cars but they are national treasures and they desperately need saving. Having rescued them from barns and lockups Ant will undertake the ultimate bare metal restorations on each car: the Ford Escort Mexico, Land Rover Series 1, Mini Cooper, MGTC, DeLorean and Triumph Stag. While Ant is 'on the spanners', Phil will meet the people who are 'married' to their motors. For these people their car is a member of the family. He'll also discover the touching, funny and often hard to believe stories that make each of these cars more than just metal and rubber. ‘For The Love Of Cars' culminates in the finished cars going to a public auction to see if all the blood, sweat and tears have been worth it.