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Man Woman Wild 2

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Intrepid couple Mykel and Ruth Hawke, return with more survival scenarios in the second series of ‘Man, Woman, Wild'. Stranded in remote, forbidding locations, they must work together, using their limited resources to enable them to survive for four days and nights in challenging environments. This series, Mykel and Ruth are marooned on a boat in the Bermuda triangle, dine on tarantulas and scorpions in the mountainous high desert of Southern California and have to navigate through the flooded Amazon basin. Though coping with extreme situations and conditions is second nature to former Green Beret and survival expert Mykel, living in the wild is still a very new experience for his wife, television journalist Ruth. Putting their survival skills- and their marriage- to the test, the two must find common ground, standing up to nature as husband and wife in the wildest places on Earth.