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Mega Rigs

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The modern world has been built on the cheap and plentiful energy provided by fossil fuels. However, at a time when Western Europe relies more than ever on natural gas, production in the North Sea is on the decline. But this has not deterred the British and Dutch scientists who are pioneering new methods to extract the remaining gas from rock thousands of metres below the sea bed. In brand new two part series ‘Mega Rigs', follow scientists, engineers and drilling experts as they construct a new generation of state of the art platforms and develop innovative drilling technology, whilst battling the remote and hazardous gas fields of the North Sea. Follow the design and construction of these monumental projects, including the assembly of the world's largest re-usable self-installing gas platform in the Netherlands; and gain a unique insight into new technological processes, such as fracking that releases natural gas by cracking open rock deep beneath the sea.