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MegaQuake: Hour That Shook Japan

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MegaQuake: Hour That Shook Japan will re-live the moment when the quake and then the tsunami hit through interviews with those who experienced the horror and filmed their own remarkable footage on the day. Poignant testimonies of those now living as refugees will unfold the eight minutes between the nine-category quake and the tidal wave that travelled at 500 miles an hour.

By studying the Pacific Ring of Fire - a name given to the region which has been devastated by natural disasters in recent years - MegaQuake: Hour That Shook Japan will assess whether the Earth's tectonic plates are in a phase of increased activity which is likely to result in further seismic events. Through interviews with seismologists and oceanographers, the documentary will piece together where Mother Nature might strike next.

Tom Brisley, Creative Director, DSP said, "A catastrophic disaster such as the recent events in Japan poses many questions that need to be answered. Through a scientific approach with expert analysis, we get to the heart of the story to reveal the critical chain of events that bought a leading nation to a standstill."

"This is a very personal and tragic story for many of us," said Luis Silberwasser, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer, Discovery Networks International. "As we continue to watch the devastation unfold, we want to provide viewers with context and access to experts who can help explain the science of the earthquake and tsunami that triggered these events and what the current situation means for all of us. Darlow Smithson is an excellent storyteller and we know that they will treat this delicate subject with the utmost sensitivity and accuracy."