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Miami Ink 2

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There is more to tattoos - and their artists - than meets the eye. Get more of a glimpse into the motivations and passions behind the tattoo artists' careers in the second series of 'Miami Ink'. Join the inked icons of Miami as they are tested on dealing with the enormity of managing a successful tattoo business, juggling their hectic lives and also maintaining their credibility as artists. In the second season of 'Miami Ink', the staff enjoys unprecedented success as both artists and businessmen, but with success comes an intense amount of personal reflection and lifestyle changes and choices. Joining artists Ami James, Chris Nunez, Chris Garver and Darren Brass full-time this season is Kat von D. The young, dynamic and sassy Kat temporarily replaced the injured Darren Brass last season and was instantly a fan favourite. Known for her beautiful portrait tattoos, Kat has worked with Chris Garver in Los Angeles and brings a femininity and female charm to the all-male shop.