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Moonshiners 2

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Return to the Appalachian woods for more bootleggers, backwoods stills and American family traditions in ‘Moonshiners'. It may be illegal, but in America, moonshining - distilling your own whiskey- is a multi-million dollar industry and a tradition that has been passed down through the generations for hundreds of years. In this action packed second series, follow the shiners as they find ever more ingenious ways to retain their customs and stay out of jail. Catch up with Tim Smith, the most wanted moonshiner in the U.S., as he takes every precaution to remain safe from the law whilst producing his high quality product. But his desire to go legal remains strong, and causes serious conflict with his partner and sidekick, Tickle. Will they go their separate ways or continue their outlaw enterprise? This series also introduces brothers-in-law, Jeff and Mark, whose families have been making excellent moonshine for generations; veteran Jim Tom who taught them all they know; and rookie shiners Josh, Bill and their canine companion, Cutie Pie. Can these brazen beginners find a new way to hide their stills and avoid the law?