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Mud Lovin' Rednecks

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Journey deep into the heart of Alabama and meet a gang of childhood friends as they attempt to start a first time mud bog business on their property in fascinating one-off programme ‘Mud Lovin' Redneks'. A popular form of entertainment, mud bogging combines big four-wheel trucks, fun competitions in the mud, family atmosphere, and a whole lot of mud. Anna, aka "Lil Bit," and her husband Bo, have joined forces with best friends Bubba and his fiancée Audrey, aka "Fat Legs," to transform their muddy land into a booming business called Mountain Creek Mud Bog. While their successful grand opening kicks off the summer season and brings in the bucks, this gang knows that if they don't step it up for the second bog, their new venture will be closed before it even starts. But with the stakes running high and tempers fraying, can these inexperienced twenty somethings get it together in time to