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My Shocking Story 4

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Follow the awe-inspiring and emotional journeys taken by people battling with extraordinary medical conditions as they try to lead normal lives, as Discovery Channel returns for a fourth series of ‘My Shocking Story'. Revisit Indonesia's Dede Bin Ateng aka: "Treeman" in ‘Treeman The Cure'. This groundbreaking medical case is documented, providing an exclusive first hand account from both Dede and his American doctor, Dr. Anthony Gaspari. Also follow the work of Chinese face transplant surgeon Professor Guo Shuzhong, as he attempts the world's first face transplant to include bone, and the first Chinese full face transplant. And meet a medical phenomenon - the inspirational Rudy Santos, who, with four arms and three legs, is now the world's oldest surviving parasitic twin. Can these extraordinary individuals all try to come to terms with their situation, and live their lives as happily as they can?