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My Shocking Story - Season 2

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Follow the awe-inspiring and emotional journeys of people battling with extraordinary medical conditions. Returning for a second series, viewers will get an exclusive first-hand account from the people who are desperate to find a cure for their condition.  For some of them it is a matter of life or death.  For others, it is about being accepted and learning to live in the body they have been given.  This intimate and in-depth look into these extraordinary lives is shocking, but ultimately uplifting, as they all try to come to terms with their situation, and live their lives as happily as they can.


Episode 1 - Half Man Half Tree
Episode 2 – World’s Biggest Kids
Episode 3 - My Big Foot
Episode 4 - The Man With No Face
Episode 5 - World’s Smallest Mum
Episode 6 – World’s Smallest Kids