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Mythbusters 6

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Can an exploding, aluminium bumper shoot off like a cannonball? Can caesium and rubidium can blow up a bathtub in a hand grenade sized explosion? Is it really is possible to swim just as fast in syrup as in water? Join Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as they debunk, decode and demystify pop culture's most baffling urban myths and legends in the Sixth series of ‘Mythbusters'. Using modern day science, they put each myth to the test, separating the lies from the truth. The ‘Mythbusters' test both the widely-known, to the obscure and the potentially lifesaving to the seemingly trivial. In this series, Adam and Jamie host the ‘Viewer's Special Threequal', with the team testing selected myths from the ‘MythBusters' fan site, and it is a blast - literally! Don't miss these and many, more mad-cap experiments.