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NASA's Greatest Missions

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To commemorate NASA's 50th birthday, relive the dramatic story of the space agency's pioneering, ‘Greatest Missions' - join them from the early quest to break through the Sound Barrier, to the historic first moon landing, the breathtaking first Shuttle launch and the spine-tingling unattached space walk by Bruce McCandless - but as the world has never witnessed them before. This landmark series of programmes commemorates some of the greatest achievements of mankind since he first looked skyward and longed to touch the moon. The series will present the dramatic story of the space agency's pioneering missions fully re-mastered HD footage. The series tells the very personal stories of NASA's first fifty years, featuring first hand testimony from those whose lives were touched by the adventure of this exciting era, from astronauts to caterers. Each episode will focus on a separate, ground-breaking mission. So prepare for take off.