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Navy Seals: Class 234

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‘Navy Seals Training' follows the 150 men of class 234 as they begin six months of Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL BUDS training. They have been selected from over 1500 applicants and by the time they graduate, only thirty-two will remain to become US Navy SEALs. This documentary series takes you behind a structured world of sacrifice designed to force students to the limits of their physical and emotional endurance. From day one through to graduation, we will get to know the men of Class 234 and follow them as they are pushed to their limits to see who makes it through the most rigorous training course in the world. Constantly followed around by a giant bell, the men simply need to ring the bell in order to declare defeat and exit the program. It is the most complex, demanding, and gruelling test of commitment ever devised by any commando force in existence and now you can go behind-the-scenes.