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Nothing Personal

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Explore the sinister underworld of contract killings as ‘Nothing Personal' reveals mafia disloyalties, romantic infidelities, stale friendships and the trio of characters at their centre: the conniving "client," the professional murderer and the victim who never saw it coming. Each episode is hosted by true crime aficionado Steve Schirripa, who grew up on the fringes of the mob, had schoolmates who became hit men or, unfortunately, succumbed to the work of hit men. Seamlessly woven into each story, Schirripa's commentary exposes viewers to an insider's view of the business of crime. Why did the victims have contracts on their lives? Who wanted them dead? And how did the hit men carry out their gruesome assignments? Meet the key players in each story and experience every side of the tale before learning how their relationships fatefully resulted in murder-for-hire.