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Oddities 3

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Where can you go when you're in dire need of a used straight jacket? What if you just have to have a two-headed cat or a book bound with human flesh to make your living room complete? There's only one emporium sublimely weird enough to carry these unusual objects, Obscura Antiques & Oddities: New York City's foremost destination for one-of-a-kind, bizarre, and often shocking artefacts. Eccentric but entertaining new series ‘Oddities', accompanies Obscura's proprietors, Mike and Evan, as they buy and sell a fabulous array of oddball items and deal with an assortment of unique patrons who are even more outlandish than the merchandise. From monkey skulls and mummified cats, to prosthetic limbs and fossilised dinosaur faeces, follow these aficionados of the peculiar and macabre as they seek out their next great treasure.