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Ragin' Cajuns

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Welcome to Venice, Louisiana. Population: 2,000. Discovery Channel's brand new series RAGIN' CAJUNS takes a trip down the Mississippi deep into the Louisiana Bayou for the start of their 3-month long white shrimp season. It may sound like fun in the sun, but life in the bayou ain't no day at the beach.

Venice once was a thriving southern paradise, but just when these Bayou boys thought they had dug themselves out of the devastating hole that Hurricane Katrina created back in 2005, the oil spill of 2010 set them into another tailspin. Now the shrimping boats aren't the only things struggling to stay afloat. If they can't make it this season, their way of life and town may cease to exist.

Feeling sorry for themselves, however, has never been an option. Between bar fights and boat fights, shrimping for food and scrimping for cash, these RAGIN' CAJUNS work hard and play even harder.


BLIMP, a 400 lb. shrimping rock star with a big heart and a bigger case of bad luck ACY COOPER, Cooper patriarch who comes from a long line of LA coast shrimpers TRAE COOPER, Acy's son and a greenhorn captain DARDAR, under pressure to live up to Cooper family name by soon marrying into it KIP MARQUIZE, a renegade captain who will try anything to succeed WAYLON BURAS, the "big dog" of shrimping with a tricked out boat These larger-than-life, blue collar guys are on a mission to prove that even if you're down on your luck with an uncertain future, a bit of hard work, patience and ingenuity can go a long way. When life gives you lemons, cut them up and make shrimp cocktail.