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River Monsters 3D

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Discovery reveals the things that go bump in the night, looking at the creatures that man fears the most in ‘Monster Week’. In, ‘River Monsters 5’, did a man really have his face ripped off in a remote Bolivian river by a bloodthirsty piranha? Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade solves freshwater mysteries of river monsters. And in, ‘River Monster 3D’, you’re right there with Jeremy like never before as he navigates the Okavango delta of Botswana investigating sinister stories of a deadly fish. In, ‘Man-Eating Super Squid’, discover the legend of the kraken which lurks in the dark, and may be headed for our shores. From fishermen killed by ravenous squid to sailors who’ve witnessed the epic-sized monster in the flesh, these stories show the kraken myth is all too real. Finally in, ‘Man-Eating Super Snake 2’ The authorities in southern Florida battle to control the spread of the invading African Rock Python, a lethal giant constrictor, known to attack, kill and even devour humans.